Enoteca MVS

2016 enoteca dai tosi

Competition, 2016. The winery Muller Van Severen have created is an attempt to achieve a symbiosis between art, design and wine. The story begins when entering the Enoteca in an oasis of green by the use of the grapevines: literally the beginning of each wine story. The perspective in the patio guides the visitor inside, … 

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2016 VRT

Competition, 2016. Following an international competition Robbrecht en Daem architecten, leading a design team consisting of Robbrecht en Daem, Dierendonckblancke, VK and Arup in collaboration with Bureau Bas Smets, Muller Van Severen and Grontmij, have been selected to design the new media building for the VRT, the Flemish Radio and Television Company in Brussels, Belgium. 

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Charleroi MVS

2015 charleroi district

Competition 2015. Charleroi District Creatif. A collaboration with landscape architect Bas Smets for the city of Charleroi. Architect: Atelier Bow-wow & MDW. For this landscaping project we designed culptural benches for the city of Charleroi, Belgium. 

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2016 solo houses

In 2016 Belgian architecture company OFFICE kgdvs, led by Kersten Geers and David Van Severen, are commissioned to construct a holiday home in Aragon, two hundred kilometers south of Barcelona. Inspired by the incredible surroundings the architects decide to build a house that practically dissolves into nature. Solo House is a dwelling shaped like a … 

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2018 smak

In 2017 S.M.A.K, the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent, asks Muller Van Severen to design its new bookshop. The result is a collection of racks, seats, lamps and a 13-metre-long enamel cabinet. The cabinet is closed while the racks on the other side of the counter -designed by Maarten Van Severen- are light … 

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mys kitchen

2017 mys kitchen

For this private kitchen Muller Van Severen has worked used enamel panels in a completely different way than with the Fireworks project. This kitchen consists of one big element with smaller mountable racks on top. 

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2018 camper

Camper teamed up with Muller Van Severen for an all-new Camper store in Antwerp. Part of the brand’s together project, the collaboration showcases the artists’ playful approach to textures and colors, creating a fresh new space with bold contrast and a special harmony. Beginning with the size of a shoe and the existing marble box, the … 

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bahrain pavilion

2015 bahrain pavilion

The National Pavilion of the Kingdom of Bahrain, designed by architect Anne Holtrop and completed in May 2015 at the ocassion of Expo Milano. The pavilion was rebuilt in Muharraq (BH) in April 2018. First prize invited competition, 2.000 m2, Ministry of Culture Bahrain, landscape architect Anouk Vogel, film and sound installation Armin Linke, furniture … 

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office quartier kanal muller van severen

2017 quartier kanal

Competition, 2017. A collaboration with OFFICE kgdvs. Quartier Kanal has a double ambition: the implementation of a perfectly equipped machinery that facilitates various kinds of art exhibitions, and the reactivation of a remarkable piece of architectural heritage as an open and inviting public space. This ambition is in line with the aspirations of the Citroën … 

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