design museum gent

2021 10 years at DMG

10 years Muller Van Severen at Design Museum Ghent. In Dialogue with the Collection. This exhibition celebrates Muller Van Severen’s design decade in two parts. At the request of Design Museum Gent, Muller Van Severen started working with the collection. Their intuitive and eclectic selection of some one hundred collection pieces enters into a dialogue … 

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2020 alltubes

Alltubes is a new series of objects consisting of the repetition of round aluminium tubes. The series comprises several cabinets, a bench and a chair and forms a family with the same genes but different characters. It is the repetition of the aluminium tubes that recurs in all of the objects. The pattern and repetition … 

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Villa Cavrois

2020 villa cavrois

As part of Lille Metropole 2020, World Design Capital, Muller Van Severen are invited to the iconic Villa Cavrois for an exceptional exhibition. Inspired by the modernist masterpiece by architect Mallet-Stevens, they present a selection of their oeuvre, including the recently launched ‘alltubes’ series, carefully set up in the different rooms of the modern castle. … 

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cabinet side gallery

2019 design miami

For Side Gallery Barcelona Muller Van Severen created two cabinets, first shown at Design Miami in 2019. These limited edition pieces are a continuation of Fireworks: a series of sculptural room dividers shown at Massimo De Carlo Gallery Milano in 2017 and at Valerie Traan Gallery Antwerp in 2018. The two-dimensional slabs in space become … 

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wires expo

2016 wireS

In 2016 Belgian architecture company OFFICE kgdvs, led by Kersten Geers and David Van Severen, are commissioned to construct a holiday home in Aragon, two hundred kilometers south of Barcelona. Inspired by the incredible surroundings the architects decide to build a house that practically dissolves into nature. Solo House is a dwelling shaped like a … 

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expo traan

2014 new work

In 2014, three years after Muller Van Severens debut, the long awaited second solo exhibition takes place at Valerie Traan Gallery in Antwerp. Although the exhibition title – New Work – is kept quite simple, the process of creating sure wasn’t. The exhibition shows objects with the same sober and transparent feel. Yet they are quite different … 

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2018 fireworks

For this second exhibition including the fireworks series Muller Van Severen create more pieces using the traditional technique of enamel in a contemporary way. The exhibition at Valerie Traan Gallery in Antwerp sees the addition of four enamel tables and two room dividers in rust. The series started with five sculptural room dividers, first shown … 

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2014 andreas murkudis

The legendary Andreas Murkudis was one of the first partners Muller Van Severen worked with back in 2014. This was the first show for Muller Van Severen in Berlin. 

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grand hornu

2014 le grand-hornu

As part of a year dedicated to heritage, in 2014 Le Grand-Hornu organizes an exhibition on the descendants of famous designers. In an installation for Labo des héritiers, Le Grand-Hornu looks at four prominent artistic families. They are families in the literal sense of the word; the demonstrable link is blood relationship. The degree to which … 

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future primitives

2012 future primitives

2012 marks the year of the big breakthrough of Muller Van Severen. Curator Louis Vermeersch offers different internationally renowned designers a stage at the Biennale in Kortrijk and sneaks the young Muller Van Severen in. All of a sudden they’re exhibiting next to famous designers such as the Japanese Nendo. The exhibition is called Future Primitives, … 

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