2023 hay

For HAY, Muller Van Severen designed Arcs Trolley and Arcs Mirror, belonging to the Arcs family, which includes candleholders, vases, mirrors and lampshades. Like the other members of the family, the Arcs trolleys and mirrors are simple in their materials but complex in their expressions.  Arcs Trolley is a functional and decorative trolley encased in … 

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2023 Bitossi

Drawing inspiration from the rich history of Bitossi’s ateliers, the iconic Sottsass vases, and the mesmerizing blues of Londi, Muller Van Severen has crafted a family of vases that transcend design and become poetry in motion. The design began with the dimensions of an A4 size, with cutouts, and all vases are interconnected, creating a … 

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standing lamp marble

2023 Valerie Objects

Standing Lamp Marble is a continuation of Hanging Lamp that consists of nothing more than a bent steel tube with a simple, classic lampshade attached to it, hanging from the wall. This new addition offers the same minimalist image yet consists of one or two metal arms and a marble foot. In case of the … 

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2023 Kvadrat

At Salone del Mobile 2023, Muller Van Severen presented two new carpets in collaboration with Kvadrat: March and July are two rug designs whose surface structures are inspired by the natural fleece of a sheep at different times of the year.  March resembles the long, curly and irregular fleece just before the shearing (clipping), while … 

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valerie objects

2020 valerie objects

In 2020 Valerie_Objects, one of the labels Muller van Severen work with closely, turned 5. An oval, a circle and a rectangle are the shapes of a series of wooden tables Muller Van Severen created in honour of that 5th anniversary. Also a special ceiling lighting was added to the collection that set the celebratory … 

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Colour Cabinet

2022 hay

Continuing the collaboration with HAY, Muller Van Severen created this Colour Cabinet. A series of cabinets crafted in organically dyed Valchromat available in both standing and wall variants, with or without sliding glass doors. The Colour Cabinet collection is a series that highlight the contradictory interplay between clean, minimalist design with the vibrance and originality … 

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2021 cc tapis

Ombra, an immersive experiment with shadow, where objects and the imagination float or even fly.  The collaboration between cc-tapis and Muller Van Severen was born remotely, from virtual meetings that took place during 2020. From this initial digital introduction, the Belgian duo took a traditional approach to their creative process and began with model-making; experimenting … 

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2021 hay

Muller Van Severen has created a collection for HAY.  This collaboration is the perfect occasion for Muller Van Severen to reach a wider and younger audience. Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen carry the same passion as Mette and Rolf Hay, which was very important in the creation of these objects. The shared values informed … 

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The Pillow Sofa

2020 KASSL Editions

Inspired by KASSL Editions’ signature oil-coated cotton ‘Pillow Bag’, Muller Van Severen designed ‘The Pillow Sofa’. It is a series of modular pieces made of oil-coated cotton. The sofa is simple in its design and consists of three cushions that attach to each other to form an archetypal seat and back structure. The cushions are … 

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2015 wallpaper*

For years Wallpaper* Handmade has curated and paired some of the finest creative talents and rising stars with the most outstanding makers and manufacturers. Seeking an upgrade from ubiquitously clunky bedside tables, Wallpaper* Magazine turned to photographer Fien Muller and sculptor Hannes Van Severen, experts in minimalism who founded their studio in 2011, to create a … 

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