2014 le grand-hornu

grand hornu

As part of a year dedicated to heritage, in 2014 Le Grand-Hornu organizes an exhibition on the descendants of famous designers. In an installation for Labo des héritiers, Le Grand-Hornu looks at four prominent artistic families. They are families in the literal sense of the word; the demonstrable link is blood relationship. The degree to which this is also translated in artistic relationships is a fascinating, yet much more complex question. What is it about families that so appeals to our imagination? Whether or not we take passing a profession down from parent to child for granted is largely determined by cultural and sociological factors. In models of societies in which great importance is attached to individual freedom and development, the liberty to choose one’s own profession is regarded as an important achievement.

How do children or grandchildren of personalities such as Carlo Scarpa, Maarten and Dan Van Severen, Rik and José Vermeersch, Gijs Bakker and Emmy van Leersum experience this legacy? In continuity? As a paradox ? As a contradiction ? As 'détournement' ? Which strategies do they use in relation to their roots and their sources of family inspiration ? Without putting forward answers to these complex questions, the exhibition gives the floor to young generations by focusing on their current production, by observing the "laboratory" or the mental universe in which they practice their creativity.