stainless steel or powder coated (white / red / green) stainless steel


177,5 cm x 60 cm x 51 cm

Price (excl. transport)

€ 3000 - € 3360 (powder coated)

wire s #5

Wire s is a series of objects Muller Van Severen created for Solo House, an architectural holiday home amidst 100 hectares of nature in the North of Spain, designed by OFFICE kgdvs.

The production process of the seats is an exercise in balancing transparency and strength: how mince can the bars of the grid be made without the volume caving in. The use of a grid provides another complexity: an enormous amount of welding points. Muller Van Severen uses the basic form of a matrass as a starting point and then folds it. Although originally conceived as outdoor furniture, the seats can also be placed inside.

wire s #5
wire s #5
wire S #5