rusted steel frame & high gloss lacquered steel plates


120cm x 70cm x 74cm (table)
40cm (height low table)

Price (excl. transport)

€ 4600

table + low table

Table + low table is an object first shown at in 2014 at New Work, the second solo exhibition of Muller Van Severen at Valerie Traan in Antwerp. This piece consists of two tables with the same dimensions that are jointed by one leg. This leg has a round shape, opposed to the other square shaped legs, to allow the lower table to rotate. By adjusting the angle of the lower table, this sculptural object can take on different forms. To ease the rotation, a ball-bearing is put underneath each leg of the lower table. In this piece of furniture, the archetypical form of a table is reshuffled by adding another archetypical table. The glossy lacquer really stands out and reflects the upper table on the lower, creating an interesting shadow play. When it comes to color, Muller Van Severen chose for deep and rich colors such as king’s blue, oxblood red, ivory and rust.

This piece is handwork done in Belgium.

table + low table
table + low table
double desk