unlacquered steel frame with polyethylene (red) shelves and natural leather seat


92 cm x 80 cm x 140 cm

Price (excl. transport)

€ 4300

rack + seat

Rack + seat is part of the Future Primitives series that Muller Van Severen present in 2012 at Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium. The exhibition was curated by Lowie Vermeersch. Different design functionalities are combined and juxtaposed in one object. The seat is made of natural leather and appears quite Spartan. Muller Van Severen searched for the right proportions of height, length and width in order for the leather to make the right curve. The detailed finishing of the steel junctions and the carved edges of the shelves ensure the objects looks refined, also from a seated position. The shelves consist of polyethylene, an understated plastic that Muller Van Severen have embraced since the beginning.

It is all handwork done in Belgium.

rack + seat