rusted or lacquered (red) steel frame and polyethylene top (white, pink, yellow, green, brown-red)


115 cm x 75 cm x 40 cm

Price (excl. transport)

€ 1900

low table

Low table is an object first shown at New Work, a solo exhibition by Muller Van Severen back in 2014. Although the exhibition mainly consisted of glossy lacquer surfaces, Muller Van Severen presented three polyethylene tables on the side, mounted on rusted steel and red lacquered steel threshes. Together with long table and round table, this low table shows the continuation of Muller Van Severen’s fascination for the material polyethylene. It is a soft and tactile plastic, when cut through, the texture of the material really comes forward.

It is all handwork done in Belgium.

low table
low table