carpet blue – yellow


wool, cashmere silk, pashmina wool


300 cm x 200 cm

Price (excl. transport)

on request - limited edition 8 + 2 ap

carpet blue yellow
villa cavrois

Carpet blue-yellow is the second carpet that Muller Van Severen have designed. The carpet is first presented in 2019 at Collectible in Brussels and is produced in collaboration with Ashtari, renowned for hand-crafted and high-end carpets and kelims. Carpet blue-yellow is a technical masterpiece that was made in traditional workshops in Nepal. Carpet blue-yellow consists of Tibetan wool, Pashmina wool and Cashmere silk. The variety in brilliance between the silk and the wool creates a depth of field. The carpet offers a look into the past of Muller Van Severen. As an artist, Fien Muller used to focus on still life photography and created colorful collages with different kinds of materials. The illustration on the carpet consists of pieces that were extruded form her former photography work and suggests a lot of movement.

rack + seat